The CST is managed by a Board of directors that is in charge of defining the association’s programme of actions and managing its financial and human resources.

This Board of directors is made up of 24 film and audio-visual professionals and comprises an executive board, administrators, department heads and a member of the permanent staff.

The Board of directors:

The executive board:

Chairman: Angelo COSIMANO

Vice-Chairwoman: Claudine NOUGARET – Producer, director and sound engineer

Treasurer: Jean-Baptiste HENNION – Technical manager, 2AVI

Secretary: Ken LEGARGEANT – Theatre operator and producer

Deputy secretary: André LABBOUZ – Technical manager and director of postproduction, Gaumont

Consultant: Bertrand SEITZ – Head decorator

Consultant: Gérard KRAWCZYK – Director, actor and screenwriter

The administrators:

Rémy CHEVRIN – Director of photography

Jean-Marie DURA – Initiator of unlimited cards for the CNC, consultant and founder of NXNW


Laure MONRREAL – Assistant director

Nadine MUSE Film editor

Ludovic NAAR – Production manager

Department heads:

Image department

Françoise NOYON – Assistant operator

Thierry BEAUMEL – Postproduction consultant

Broadcast-Distribution-Operation department

Alain SURMULET Technical manager, NOÉ Cinemas

Chris TIRTAINE Technical manager, Warner Bros

Production-direction department

Séverine BARRÉ – In charge of production

Pascal METGE Production manager

Postproduction department

Isabelle MORAX Postproduction manager

Juan EVENO Postproduction manager

Sound department

Vianney AUBÉ Sound engineer

Michel MONIER – Sound engineer

Administrator elected by the permanent staff of the CST

Jean-Michel MARTINExpert in charge of theatre conformity

Permanent staff:

The permanent staff are under the responsibility of the general manager, Baptiste Heynemann and they ensure the proper implementation of the CST’s associative and commercial missions.

Don’t hesitate to inquire about any appraisal or support mission…

Technical support department:

Technical manager: Éric CHÉRIOUX

R & D manager: Hans-Nikolas LOCHER

Theatre operation support department: Pierre-Edouard BARATANGE 
Expert in charge of theatre conformity: Jean-Michel MARTIN.

Project manager: Éric VAUCHER

Administration and communication department:

Accounting and administrative manager: Valérie SEINE

Communications manager: Myriam GUEDJALI

Communications assistant: Dounia LAGGOUN

Department coordinator and chief editor of La Lettre: Ilan FERRY

Chairman’s assistant: Moira TULLOCH