The 5 departments cover all the links in the production chain.

Department meetings allow us to monitor the technologies pertinent to film and audio-visual professions: all these technologies are discussed, assessed, tested and appraised within the CST.
The departments add strength to the CST’s proposed actions, in particular via reference publications and recommendations.


The CST’s Image department brings together picture specialists as well as members of filming teams who work in the field. The aesthetic and technical quality of the filmed image is at the heart of their concerns, along with the performance of the data workflow connected with postproduction.

Heads of the Image department: Françoise NOYON and Thierry BEAUMEL




The Sound department brings together professionals in this field, both for recording during shooting and for postproduction. The sound quality of screenings in cinemas is also a major concern for this department.

Heads of the Sound department: Vianney AUBÉ and Michel MONIER

Production – Direction

The Production and Direction department brings together professionals working on the organization of shooting. This department’s working groups follow the practical, human and financial evolutions of the creation of a work.

Heads of the Production – Direction department: Séverine BARRÉ et Pascal METGE
© Festival Lumière

Broadcast, Distribution and Operation

The Broadcast, Distribution and Operation department brings together theatre operators, equipment installers, technical managers and all professionals involved in upholding the quality of theatre screenings. For example, new film formats and screening processes are addressed.

Heads of Broadcast, Distribution and Operation department: Alain SURMULET and Chris TIRTAINE


The Postproduction department brings together professionals in the field of sound and image editing, as well as mastering. Issues connected with the evolution of tools and human resources are at the heart of this department’s concerns, closely linked to new technologies.

Heads of Postproduction department: Isabelle MORAX et Juan EVENO
© Jakob Owens on Unsplash