The CST represents film and audio-visual technicians and promotes high technical quality.
Thanks to the diversity of viewpoints, the experience of each member is useful and necessary to represent good professional practice, based on the know-how of people sharing the same ambition.

Enrolment takes place in two stages

  • You present your application to one of the CST’s five departments through the sponsorship of two active members. It is possible to ask for sponsors among the Board of directors.
  • Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to finalise your enrolment.

Membership categories

There are several categories of membership in the CST.
Active members take part in all the CST’s activities, vote for their representatives at Department meetings and at the Annual General Meeting.
They can take part in all working groups and benefit from all the advantages reserved for members (access to premises, subscription to La Lettre de la CST newsletter, CST accreditation at the various events with which the CST is in partnership, in particular the Cannes Film Festival).
Auditor members can take part in all working groups but do not have voting rights and do not benefit from the advantages reserved only for active members, with the exception of the subscription to the Lettre de la CST newsletter.

Annual fees

  • Active membership: 100 €
  • Active membership (retired): 50 €
  • Auditor member: 25 €
  • Student member: 40 €

Bear in mind

If your company or employer is an associate member of the CST, whether you are permanently or intermittently employed, your subscription fee is halved.

If your school or training body is an associate member of the CST, the subscription fee is at your discretion.

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